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buy super lemon haze online , A sativa-dominant hybrid and two time Cannabis Cup winner from Green House Seeds, often known for its energetic effects. The flowers are cover in crystal white trichomes and carry a sweet, cool aroma similar to the Jack Herer or Haze strains with slight lemon undertones. As the name states it has real, intense lemony characteristics.
You’ll enjoy the sharp whiff of lemon that delivers a citrusy, lemony flavor. Its high comes slowly and remains steady, offering a euphoric high that literally brings you joy.
it is most certainly a champion and has gained popularity around the world due to this fame.
Super Lemon Haze may induce small amounts of dizziness, but it is not very common. Cottonmouth and dry eye feelings are likely to happen. This is related to dehydration. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water or any other fluids.

buy super lemon haze online , The effects can be very balance, both body and cerebral.The super lemon haze is very smooth , compromise between the great qualities of both it’s parents ,however it may not be the best strain for people who are naturally wound up.
Super lemon haze is high-yielding , so it’s a cultivator’s dream. With 15% to 22% THC, which delivers a euphoria that lasts for quite a while. Plus, unlike many other lemon strains, this variety actually makes you energetic.
Containing up to 0.1% CBD, it is also known for its medicinal properties. Which is use by medical marijuana patients to treat various mental and physical conditions and the symptoms cause by those conditions. This hybrid successfully treats chronic nausea and loss of appetite, making it a great strain for cancer patients going through chemotherapy or radiation treatments.


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